Hell's Stag

Almost 800 years after the events of Abyss Layer 9935, a meeting was called in Sigil. Only one year passed from the calling of the meeting to it’s occurrence. The meeting took place in the Lady’s Ward, on the third floor of a vacant building on the inner-side of the round of Sigil. Learning from last time each plane sent two representatives. The only plane with a single representative was Baator. When the meeting started this was the person to speak. She was an Erinyes. She told the representatives that a Nalfeshnee had turned to work with the Baatazu, and that he was preparing to use his powers to turn petitioners instantly into Greater Baatazu. She told them that he had set up base on Maladomini. When asked why she would give them this information, when responded, “Because it he does manage to do this and win the blood war, then I would’t get the credit.” the Representatives set out choosing who would go on this mission.

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Hell's Stag

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