King's Alignment

In this desolate wasteland we have survived under the protection of the Shugum Crystal. From before time it has been stationed in the highest tower of out king’s castle. From there it imitates life to us, our plants, and our livestock. It purifies our rivers and lakes. outside of its reach there is only death. The ground beyond is unfit for sewing, and the air unfit for breathing.
While researching the Chrystal, in an attempt to expand it’s reach, the chief science mage, Gregory Seremjtei, discovered that a dark entity was inside the Crystal. He determined that the being inside was using the Crystal to force his will on the beings with in it’s reach. Hearing of this discovery the king summoned any able fighter to help deal with situation. fighters, and other combat able people, came from all around the land to offer their aid. After a short series of trials. Only a few were chosen. They were permitted to rest in the castle one night. They were then brought to the Crystal room.

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King's Alignment

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