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Campaigns are listed alphabetically by title.

Abyss Layer 9935: The Demons have discovered magic that will tip the balance of the Blood War. A group of Plainers must now go to the Abyss to destroy it before the Tanari put it into use. (a 2nd Ed D&D, 4-8 Hit Die Campaign)

Between Worlds: One of the premier adventuring parties on Odysseus has found themselves in a completely alien world. Now they must find a way home. (A 2nd Ed D&D, 5th Level Campaign)

Brothers Grimm: A series of simple one shot modules for the Three Brothers campaign by kijilinn2

Christendom Crusade: Just when the Church had almost retaken the Holy Land, the Witch of the Hillions summoned Abyssal beings to aid them against the Church. (a 2nd Ed D&D, 7th level Campaign)

Guess: Follows the establishment and maintenance of a thieves Guild in Nagaton Centreland. (a 2nd Ed D&D, 1st level Campaign)

Hell’s Stag: A Nalfeshnee has joined the Devils and will soon be able to turn petitioners instantly into Greater Baatazu. He must be stopped. (a 2nd Ed D&D, 4-8 Hit Die campaign)

King’s Alignment: The life giving crystal around which our society has been build has been found to be effecting the way people act. You have been summoned by the King’s Mage to investigate this and related mysteries. (a 2nd Ed D&D, 2nd level Campaign)

Monster War: In the kingdom of Gougose, an evil wizard has summoned up hoards of monsters to overthrow the monarchy. Using the wizard’s method of controlling the monsters against him, we hope to beat him at his own game. (a Pathfinder, 1st level Campaign)

Onossilya 5-0: Follows a group of law enforcers with various skills as they try to keep the magical, steam powered city of Onossilya safe. (A Pathfinder, 1st level Campaign)

Ragnarok Averted: Then end is here. Many world religions have an end of time story. This is all of them. The gods have come to blows, and the entire Multiverse will suffer. You can fight it, or just try to ride it out (a 2nd Ed D&D, 16th Level Campaign)

Safari: A group of scientists, researchers, and hunters have been hired to collect animal samples from the planet Ares as possible mounts and companions for the Army of the Galactic Alliance. (a 2nd Ed D&D, 1st level Campaign)

Chronology – A Chronological list of all campaigns in and tied to Browning-Space.

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