All know campaigns are listed below. Proceeding each entry is the approximate year in which the campaign began. This date is given in both the Christian and Empire Standard dating methods.

10,000 BC/ -12,170
The Den Campaign – This adventure follows Drogil Fayrondereth and Darastrix Gix as they work to re-separate the worlds of Denallifa and Denaldraconus.

370 BC/ -1540
Abyss Layer 9935 – a group of planers tries to stop the Tanar’ri from tilting the balance of the Blood War.

180 BC/ -1350
King’s Alignment – A darkness is found within the life giving Crystal. It must dealt with.

407 AD/ -763
Hell’s Stag – A Nalfeshnee seeks to upset the balance of the Blood War in the favor of the Baatazu.

1310 AD/ 140
Donatain Campaign – The king has gathered a party together to work on the construction of a magic suit of armor.

No Business Like Snow business – Graduates from the police academy attempt to solve a string of murders in the town of Waldby before the winter blizzards set in.

1380 AD/ 210
Bly’s Campaign – The fighter Bly set out to become a paladin of Tyr. This covers his adventure to revive the gnome Siffy, as he blamed himself for her death.

Cyan’s Campaign – follows the adventures of Cyan on the island nation of Ippo.

1400 AD/ 230
Centreland: the Awakening – After the death of Baron Nicolas De Nitus, a group of Wizards from the past came out of stasis to bring about an era run by monstrous humanoids.

Aoteroa – The clan The Unusuals is formed. They later went on to save the king of Brixston from the Cult of Set.

Siege Campaign – The people of New Sandrith defend against the invading Empire.

1410 AD/ 240
Christendom Crusade – The Church continues to try to take back the Holy Land after an Abyssal setback.

1580 AD/ 410
Space Campaign – a sand box setting that follows the adventures of a graduating class of Jedi.

2010 AD/ 840
Between Worlds – A group of adventurers of Odysseus suddenly find themselves in a completely Alien world.

12000 AD/ 10830
Ragnarok Averted – The end of times survival campaign.

15040 AD/ 13870
Monster War – The kingdom of Gougose using new magical itema to fight the evil hoards attacking them.


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