Hell's Stag Character Creation


to keep character generation simple,

only character may come from an individual Outer Plane

Players may play any reasonably intelligent Outerplainer entity that has between 4 and 8 hit die. the stats for this entity will be the exact same as the listing the Planescape Monster Appendix 1 or 2. for the purpose of ability checks the players will use the monsters stats as listed in the Pathfinder Beastiaries (if no such stats can be found then the player and the dm can work it out together. These ability scores do not change your combat ability.

Especially interested players may use the Warriors of Heaven or Guild to Hell to make more specialized characters.

Non-Proficiancies will be given out based on the class that the character is most like and will be modified based on level.

Starting wealth is determined by comparative class and is the initial gold rolled times the character’s hit die OR the player may roll the monster treasure as listed in the monster entry

Equipment may be purchased from any 2nd ed book and/or Pathfinder Ultimate equipment. Magic items are consider to cost:
+1 = 1000GP + item value
+2 = 2000GP + item value
+3 = 4000GP + item value
+4 = 8000GP + item value
+5 = 16000GP + item value
all non-weapon magic items may be purchased for 2 times their xp value

Hell's Stag Character Creation

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