Ragnarok Averted Character Creation



Roll 4d6 for all six stats. re-roll ones and remove the smallest roll. Assign the resulting stat rolls as desired.


All player races from any official TSR published book are acceptable as are fan made and unofficial race options, as long as the DM’s aproval is acquired first


All alignments are permitted so long as the player is mature, and the character works well with the rest of the party. Please keep in mind that you will be opposing the forces of evil, the fiends. please list your alignment with the three word system of the Outer Planes.


Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, Barbarian, Priest, Druid, Shaman, Witch Doctor, Mage, Specialists, Thief, Bard, or others with gm approval. A character may be multi-classed or duel-classed so long as they follow the standard rules for this.


Please check all kits with your gm for approval.

Starting Level

All players will have 2,100,000 Xp to distribute to their classes as dictated by the rules.

Starting Gold

Roll the listed dice in the PHB for your fist level and add an additional die of the correct type for each level thereafter. This resulting die roll is the multiplied times 1000 to determine the characters staring gold.
Clerics and paladins must tithe 10% of their starting gold before any purchases are made.


This game will rely a modified version Mass Combat Rules form Players Options: Combat ans Tactics. I will explain the rules on the Special Rules page

To determine the size of your army. Multiply your Charisma score by 100 and this will be your base factor. Factors are spent on the table below to acquire followers.

If the leadership proficiency is taken the the player may add 100 times one of his his class prime requisites to his factor count.

Ragnarok Averted Character Creation

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