Abyss Layer 9935

A meeting was called in Sigil to discuss a Tanar’ri device that would tilt the balance of the Blood War. For three years the exact day and location of the meeting were spread to the far reached of the Outer Planes. When the day of the meeting came people from all over the planes came to hear what was to happen. In the Lady’s Ward, on the third floor of a vacant building on the inner-side of the round of Sigil. Due to shear numbers only two representatives from each plane were permitted into the meeting. At the meeting a Baatazu Noble presented evidence about a magical device that the Tanar’ri were developing. The device would supposedly change the nature of beings. Many people doubted the veracity of the accusation. The Noble placed a small crystal on the table. An Archon and a Slaad both touched it. They both reported that while touching it, they did not feel like themselves. After much arguing a plan was agreed upon. A group of several different planer races (all of similar power) would go together and destroy the Tanar’ri research and any products of it.

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Abyss Layer 9935

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