Christendom Crusade

When the Hillions invaded the Holy Land, they massacred the Morals. The Church took this opportunity to try to claim the land and it’s religious artifacts. The Pope took up arms and sent out word to all of the Christian countries. From as far north as the Kingdom of the Angles and the Frost Holds to the southern reaches of the Moor Tribes. Every country that was allied to the Church sent soldiers and weapons to aid in the holy war. After reaching the holy land the forces of easily pushed back the Hillions. the shear numbers of the Christians overpowered the Hill People. the Hillions retreated back to the City of Urusalim. it was during the siege of this city, that Shulam the Which,advisory of the Hillion Chief Zakhiragch, summoned forth demons of the abyss to repel the Church. The armies of Chrisindom were decimated. the Pope himself was wounded fighting a Babau general. fearing for their lives, and souls, the armies of the Church retreated to the coastal land. with the aid of the Tanar’ri, the Hillions now have a strong hold on almost all the Holy Land. That was the situation when you received letters requesting you bring reinforcements.

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Christendom Crusade

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